About the Author

Blant’s columns on business, politics and Arkansas Razorback football, among other sundry topics, have appeared in Arkansas Business, the Jonesboro Sun and The Wall Street Journal.

Awkward Ozarker cover image

The Awkward Ozarker

A Curious Tale of Self-Reinvention in a Scantily Settled Land

In this witty, wise, heart-warming memoir, Blant Hurt, a fiftysomething flatlander with urban sensibilities, buys a ratty weekend cabin up in the dark heart of the Ozark Mountains. His new wife has a passing familiarity with this rugged area, but still… What are they doing?

Healer’s Twilight

a novel

Dr. David Heyworth is a top heart surgeon grappling with his growing frustration with medicine, a restless wife, and a distant daughter leaving home for college. When a distraught woman comes to him for a second opinion about her ill husband, his life gets complicated.

Healer's Twilight book cover image